Product of the Year Special Finalist eNewsletter: TBD 2023

As an Oil & Gas Engineering Product of the Year Finalist, you have earned bragging rights!

We have the perfect vehicle to promote your product – OGE’s Product of the Year Special Finalist eNewsletter. This eNewsletter provides you with a chance to highlight your nominated product and promote it to our voting subscribers. Your image/logo, 30 words of text, and website link will make your argument even stronger. And, don’t forget to use the “finalist logo” in your promotions.

The Special Finalist eNewsletter will be sent out in 2023. For additional print options, please contact your sales rep.


  • Will be sent to Oil & Gas Engineering subscribers
  • Rate: $3,525 NET
  • Space Close: TBD
  • Materials Due Date: TBD
    • Specs: Image-150 x 150 pixels, No Animated files, 35K, URL & 25-30 words text. Static (non-animated) GIF/JPEG files
  • Materials can be sent to McKenzie Burns at