Optimize rotating equipment in midstream oil & gas

Rotating equipment, like pumps and compressors, are the heart of the circulatory system for the oil & gas midstream sector, driving millions of barrels of liquids and billions of cubic feet of gas per day through millions of miles of pipelines and associated storage facilities.

Rotating equipment is also often at the root, thanks to the laws of physics, of equipment failures, associated repair costs and lost capacity. Without a healthy and efficient rotating equipment capability, no midstream system can perform well, if at all.

The dilemma is compounded by:

  • A wide disparity in rotating equipment types, makes and models
  • Remote operations with limited or no connectivity
  • A wide range in the level of sensing, from minimal to rich coverage
  • Limited historical use of analytics and digital support systems
  • The sudden nature of failures spread over a vast territory.


Given these challenges, how can oil & gas companies leveraging modern digital technologies to change from a reactive, run-to-failure strategy to a proactive, advanced conditioned-based operational decision support and maintenance strategy?