TITLE: Current issues in IIoT wireless technologies and edge computing

Learn about the bi-directional partnership between IoT and 5G

Date: Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020; 1pm/2pm CT


IIoT will play a crucial role on the journey toward the fifth generation of wireless communication systems. In this webinar our expert speakers will examine some of the emerging edge architectures, as well as best practices for computational workloads migrating from the cloud to the edge.

For example, the emergence of multi-access edge computing (MEC) technology will extend cloud computing capabilities to the edge of the radio access network, for high bandwidth, low latency, trustworthy access to radio network resources. Recent high-profile partnerships involving AWS, Verizon, AT&T, Microsoft and others indicate growing traction for MEC architectures that bring edge computing into 5G networks.

Other edge computing architectures, such as variants proposed by IIC, IEEE and SASE may find faster traction on private networks and WiFi6 enterprise infrastructures.

An additional presentation will examine how application needs can impact architecture choices regarding edge, fog and cloud computing.

Attend this webinar to be briefed on current issues in IIoT technologies and edge.


Learning objectives:

  • Learn edge computing and gateway functions that adapt between local IoT device networks like Bluetooth CAN and ZigBee and larger area metro networks like 4G, 5G and optical backbones.
  • Explore the bidirectional partnership between IoT and 5G, i.e., where 5G supports IoT interconnect and IoT techniques help optimize the inner workings of 5G networks.
  • Learn about the continuum of computational, networking and storage functions from the cloud, through various layers of edge computing to IIoT endpoint devices.


Sponsors: Honeywell




Charles C. Byers, Associate Chief Technology Officer, Industrial Internet Consortium

Charles C. Byers is associate chief technology officer of the Industrial Internet Consortium, now incorporating OpenFog.

He works on the architecture and implementation of edge-fog computing systems, common platforms, media processing systems, and the Internet of Things.

Previously, Chuck was a principal engineer and platform architect with Cisco and a Bell Labs Fellow at Alcatel-Lucent.  During his three decades in the telecommunications networking industry, he has made significant contributions in areas including voice switching, broadband access, converged networks, VoIP, multimedia, video, modular platforms, edge-fog computing and IoT.

Chuck has been a leader for several standards bodies, including as CTO for the Industrial Internet Consortium and OpenFog Consortium, and a founding member of PICMG’s AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC, and MicroTCA subcommittees.


Jim Desrosiers, President, Data Acuity

Jim Desrosiers has more than 25 years of automation software experience.

His expertise is in systems integrations and industrial applications involving diverse technologies including SCADA and other type industrial control systems, ERP, business intelligence and the industrial internet of things, as well as a wide range of internet technologies.

Jim has a successful track record delivering successful manufacturing efficiency, overall equipment effectiveness, energy efficiency, and maintenance resource deployment efficiency projects to clients in North America.

Known as Jim D in the industry, he is often called on to work with local systems integrators on projects having a complexity that calls for substantial experience with automation software deployment.

Prior to Data Acuity, Jim worked at ICONICS Software, Schneider Electric, Standard Electric and TVC Systems. He holds a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Northeastern University in Boston.



Keywords: Oil and Gas Engineering, IIoT, MQTT, protocols, edge computing, networking, endpoint devices, cloud, IIoT technologies, Internet of Things